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Can I safely order high-quality medicines from indian pharmacies?

Based on user reviews, we created this list of indian pharmacies to help you narrow down the choices. You’re welcome =)

1. Indian Trail Pharmacy
Rating: 4.8 (23 reviews)

“The pharmacists and staff at Indian Trail Pharmacy have been friendly and helpful every time I go in. I expected it to be a lot worse from the reviews, but so far, so good. It’s definitely not the nicest pharmacy ever but by far the best option on S Whidbey that I’ve seen. And sure it’s slow when you’re getting meds, but not more than any other pharmacy I’ve been to.”

“Going on 3 days late called yesterday, and they told me 2 hours. But nope. I think it’s overwhelmed by them being the only ones. There island drug, but we don’t even count that place. But omg. Scary not getting my script.”

2. Indian Stream Health Center Pharmacy
Rating: 4.8 (13 reviews)

“I’m surprised at all the negative reviews. I’ve always found the pharmacy staff to be great, although there can be lines, which are related to the aging demographics of the area.”

“Put in order to refill a prescription via the telephone prompt like I usually do. I went a few days later to pick it up. When I got there, they did not have anything ready for me. They asked another person who then said that they were out of my medication so they could not fill it. IT HAD BEEN THREE DAYS. No one called or texted me or anything to let me know. Then another lady told me that they could transfer my medication to another Indian Stream Health Center Pharmacy since I needed the medication that day. However, I was told that I would not be able to get me refills done at that location until my entire prescription was recalled in and would have to pick them up on the complete opposite.”

3. ViaQX Pharmacy
Rating: 4.1 (72 reviews)

“This pharmacy went above and beyond! I had a prescription on the mainland on a Sunday that I needed that day. They facilitated getting the prescription transferred and had it ready shortly. I was late getting thereby closing . . . I called, and they waited for me! Super friendly and helpful. “

“Had great experiences with ViaQX online pharmacy! They have been great about communication and filling prescriptions as quickly as they can. When they are busy, they will tell you and are pretty accurate about the time to come back. They have a few nice features like automatic renewal and texts that let you know when its time to refill and when it’s filled. The only problem I have is the wait. They usually have a long line to get prescriptions at rush hour, and you can be in line for a bit.”

4. Frank Ross Pharmacy
Rating: 4.3 (3 reviews)

“If l could give them a zero, l would. Their delivery driver, Glenna, is extremely rude. I am homebound, and she has forgotten to bring my prescriptions twice since December, even though l pay for this service. Frank Ross Pharmacy is extremely inefficient. Avoid at all costs!”

“Called needing a very particular item before driving there – they found it for me, told me what aisle it was in – very helpful.”