Do you remember Mike Tyson in the 1990s? His one-punch knockout power is the stuff of legends.

The boxing ring will never have Donna OG inside the ropes but you can feel its punch first-hand. Crack open the buds and the nose is taken on a journey through some California pines, hinting at its potent OG lineage. Breaking up the buds leaves a snowstorm in the grinder inviting the connoisseur to go for a ride.

First hit feels like…

mind blown

Then it feels like…

woman sleeping donna


Donna delivers full body and mind relaxation perfect for the night time.  Vector Beans of Cannagen Consulting in Los Angeles created Donna OG by combining Mary OG with Larry OG, and then backcrossing once again with a ML11 phenotypeof the Mary OG. Highly recommended for indica connoisseurs and patients seeking night time relief.

Up Close Donna THC Crystals

Nose: Sweet, Pine, Skunk

Taste: Sweet, classic OG taste

Effects: Sleep, creativity, euphoria, pain relief