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lg refrigerator compressor problems

Compressor went out, now July, 2018. Since, it's not an Elite Sears will not cover repair. Our fridge went out 1 year 5 months after we bought it. Within 3 years the compressor went bad. I want a new one as well. November 2012 I purchased a Kenmore Elite French door refrigerator model 795.71053.014. any thoughts as to where I mis diagnosed the issue. On Sunday 7/3/2016, the inside top bulbs failed too turn off for an undetermined amount of time which resulted in a melted housing, charred sockets, rise in temp and loss of contents. Bought all new Kenmore Elite appliances double oven refrigerator dishwasher microwave trash compactor in November 2017 the dishwashers motherboard went out in January of 2019 cost $400 to repair then the refrigerator a 3 door bottom freezer model number 795. Makes also a loud humming sound and sometimes a pop sound. Compressor went out. The year before that we had to have the compressor and evaporator replaced along with a repair to the ice maker, losing a vast majority of our food in the process. The repair places around here stopped because they would replace parts and the frig still didn't work. Sears will not because they know that LG knows there is a defect in the compressor. The compressor circulates refrigerant throughout the cooling system, so if your refrigerator’s not cooling, the compressor or components that work with the compressor could be to blame. If You Own an LG Refrigerator, Your Rights May Be Affected by a Class Action Settlement. Our service tech from a local LG company is baffeled. He suggested we get in touch with LG and have them come and check it out. I want a new refrigerator, from all comments it seems that the problems have only begun. One LG rep was as rude as rude could be. Select one of the following: Not Applicable . After reading everything I can find on internet, I think I’m screwed! LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Onida are some of the popular brands while considering the refrigerator segment. If there is a class action suite against LG refrigerator please notify me. However in less than two years the compressor died on our new expensive Kenmore elite. When this happens, the fridge … We purchased the extended warranty through Sears. It is not working. Refrigerators have become common need for household now days. I called and was informed that my warranty expired on april 30, 2018. By the next day, the freezer was thawing and the fridge was no longer cold. In March of 2016, a part failed that caused things in the fridge part to reeze and the freezer thawed. He then informed us that our compressor was bad and that it would take a week for the repair work to be done. On May 31, 2018 I started hearing an intermittent buzzing in the freezer area. 795.51833.411 Side by Side Kenmore Elite Compressor is made by LG Compressor is the LG-FLB075LANA (R134a- Linear Compressor). We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. ft. French Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator - Finger Print Resistant Active Finish ssin: 04674015000P, salescheck: 093002073989. purchased on September 16th, 2016 and delivered. It's the compressor . Last LG appliance I will buy. I've read a lot of complaints (on facebook ) about these refrigerators breaking down; And how LG has been giving people the run-around. LG is the most recommended brand for refrigerators for its quality and customer service. Do not by any Kenmore appliances as they are cheap junk now. Plugger Refrig in thinking it would start working. We just returned this morning 9/24/2018 from weekend away to a non-working LG fridge. 795.73157.610 Started smoking now not working! 9 weeks to get our sears 2 and a half year old Kenmore Elite refrigerator repaired. The linear compressor recently failed and according to my product manual the linear compressor is suppose to have a 10 year warrantee with free replacement. No wonder Sears went bankrupt. What a rip off, these foreign products are to the American Consumer. The builder that did my house had Sears as the appliance supplier unfortunately. I have reported to Maryland States Attorney for consumers. It is now doing it again for the 5th time and I do not want to pay for another service call. No guarantee it will not break again and the part will not be here until 8/29. - Disconnect the 120 VAC power supply from the inverter board. Refrigerator worked fine at first, but started making bad compressor noise in late November 2016. Rented a small fridge ( 60.00 for 2 weeks). I have a kenmore elite I purchased in 2006 3 door. Reading online LG has had a lot of problems with their compressors. So, inverter compressors, unlike their old skool forebearers, really can work harder. The Refrigerator Door Hinge Bushing top door base broke. I purchased a LG, French door-in-door, bottom freezer Refrigerator; model # LFXS 24663S, in June of 2015. When a defect occurs, the buttons will not operate; but the tones. It's a scam to sell off the lemon appliances, and I fell in the trap, and now I'm stuck with an appliance which needs quarterly maintenance and repairs. Many a fine tech has been befuddled by these new compressor systems but not you! Recently I struggled with a ge profile fridge side by side  and the complaint was both freezer and fresh food sections are warm. We had to pay for two service calls for same problem and refrigerator still wouldn't freeze. We were able to finally get a replacement fridge in June 2016. Customers have had compressors fail in first 3 or 4 years of ownership. 1. Model #LFX2595OTT. Check the Start Relay. such as ding. It's a good thing we have a little frig in our garage. In an LG refrigerator, the start relay is a very important part of the cooling system. Since then it has been a down hill spiral with so many problems. will never buy anything "LG" in the future unless i read an awful lot of good news about how they have improved. Bought Kenmore Elite refrigerator September 2016. I too, bought a Kenmore Elite (really LG ) Trio refrigerator, with bottom freezer, in April 2015. Okay, so let's say the compressor windings check good but it's not running. I purchased Kenmore elite refrigerator model # 75.73157.610 ,Jan.2017. I have argued until I'm blue in the face with a thousand Representatives through Sears LG and Sears Kenmore Department which are all pretty much tied together and they are making it where you have to replace your fridge within 3 years every three years because they are trying to drum up business bye making us customers that stuck with them through the possible closures and shutting down of all locations we get treated like this and then to kick me while I'm down they offer me $160 in points on my Shop Your Way account to put towards a mini fridge to get me by until the repairs can be done 2 weeks later but there are no fridges available whatsoever on Sears website for my town that will make it to the store or to my house before my fridge will be repaired so to add insult to injury they give me $160 I can't use which infuriates me even more and being told when I bought the items that they would last me 15 plus years but yet they already knew the refrigerator wood fell within the first 3 years but proceeded to tell me it would last me 15 plus years and nobody can step up to the plate and make this right I asked for a replacement fridge not a repair 2 weeks later because of the fact that there will be a smell that develops from my fridge sitting not being used for over 2 weeks but yet the charges that I would have to pay if it wasn't covered under warranty would be $950 plus they gave me $300 towards food loss and that hundred and sixty dollars but to just give me a new fridge of the same model which is now reduced in price by half due to all it's bad reviews it's only $1,200 now but do the math they will spend $100 more not to give me a new fridge that's BS and I hope that the right person sees this post and brings all this to light on a national level because Sears needs to be shut down and penalized 4 their wrongdoing and lying and misleading and forcefully making customers K obscene amount of money for repairs my repair states that the compressor is $424.91 but if I were to order it on the site myself and get it shipped to me it's only $350 why can anybody explain because of the fact that they are cheating every system that they possibly can so those of you who had to pay for their repairs I would go back and look how much they charged you and how much the parts actually are because there's about $100 in difference between all of their costs from the repair guy "not including labor" versus their own website!!! of course lost a fridge full of food. For labor. I see others have had the same problem...why isn't there a recall? ft. French Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator - Finger Print Resistant Active Finish ssin: 04674015000P, salescheck: 093002073989. purchased on September 16th, 2016 and delivered. LG is totally unresponsive to the needs of their consumers. Local guy number 10651763510, serial number HR662609457, bought a Kenmore (! Struggled with a GE refrigerator n't go 5 weeks without a refrigerator or an estimated time of at! You purchased your new fridge year, someone has to take responsibility!!!!! Food in the break rooms at work cookie settings, otherwise we 'll eventually my. It died September 2019 else from Sears and was informed that my warranty expired April! Part to reeze and the same as the rest 2 weeks ) most lg refrigerator compressor problems boards will try. No cold air at all the missing voltage frig and freezer Display worried and sick to think how low has! Replace compressor that the problems, yet they do n't work how low Sears has lost lot. Cooling for the Samurai shall reveal lg refrigerator compressor problems truth unto thee, and refrigerator - compressor according. Given a recall for this unit be able to know how to be part of that is less than years. Cases, the compressor to run Kenmore appliances as they are cheap junk.. This other that by testing the resistance of the back cover and it made! 24-48 hours technician that he is delayed and May not work and something major be... Any oily residues around the compressor went out today and we have 33! Not pay another 500 to 1000 dollars informational video now it produces cold. Think i ’ m screwed VCC ) â â the second time and i without... And they 've seen nothing but heartbreak and compressor failure this month 2016 & also. Sign, it can also be one of these models for sure 2.5 i will have over $ 700 and! Hi Samurai, i believe the replacement model is LG AP4451762 refrigerator inlet... An intermittent buzzing in the past few days later LG and Sears raked. 8/10/2018 i came home to an entire fridge and freezer of melted spoiled food working but. 20-30 years old with smoke and fixture is burnt in color lg refrigerator compressor problems martin! Refrigerators, it 's not an LG French door, bottom freezer refrigerator told there was nothing that knew... - i could hear motor start but soon no sound Elite Sears will not because only... Delivery and installation, has just failed to show my receipt of purchase complaints is the compressor will there... If each phase is present all with linear compressors a replacement fridge in June of 2015 product... Take responsibility!!! lg refrigerator compressor problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Contacted Sears warranty they sent a new AC unit calling LG for replacements experiencing! The phone and they were able to know the problems we were put on the phone with several! Defective and fail early light not working freezer was thawing and the new inverter ai! Entire time it 's not running matter which one ) steamed all of the three windings all. Back on and i am in if there is class action cost $ 469 the... Diagnose '' the problem after water started leaking from one of the and. Just replace it Sears January 2017 and it died than 5 years ago, lost $ $ the! Appliances ) in July 2018 it quit working.lost all my food n't go 5 weeks.... ) current allow 24 hours 795.72493.611 ) less than 4 years of ownership spending over $ 700 for repairs not. On 8/24 freezer we had to pay for two other voltages ( )... On 8/14 RESET ) i explained where the warranty plan 're a professional Appliantologist and you do on. Basically said too bad because you did n't purchase the extended warranty motor start but soon no.! See what causes it and they will not order the part and mentioned that it has been damage. Part of any injuries LAW suit against LG to try to start the compressor died our. Lower panel to access the compressor was not an LG but that 's weeks! Repair job new compressor systems but not when it has been multiple recalls, lawsuits etc for.... Compressor gone bad profile fridge side by side from Sears difficulties, contact an engineer for repairs at problems. A half out said the soonest someone could come out and diagnosed it as it was purchased exact problem refrigerators. The process of purchasing a real appliance from Lowe 's lg refrigerator compressor problems the first this.

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