Dan Schmink and the Herbal Wellness Center team went back at it to give back to the community! This time, we’re giving you an in-depth look at the lengths we go to help those in need. As part of our Christmas Wish Foundation, we donated a couple cars to families in need this year. This PT Cruiser had a few mechanical issues (including a blown engine). After bringing the vehicle over to Tony’s Auto Repair for a week of tender love and care the car was as good as new!

When we told Robb, the manager of the repair shop, that this would be for donation to a local family they offered to cover the labor!! Thanks guys!

On Christmas Eve, the Herbal Wellness Center team showed up to Jose (known to the team as Jr.) and his lovely families home. We definitely surprised him!

The shock and emotion on his face clear as we tossed him the keys. The first cruise(r) in his PT was one of joy and celebration. Behind the cameras, we were as excited as The Dude, cheering Jose on!