Welcome to the New Year! In 2015, we saw medical breakthroughs change the landscape of healthcare as we know it. LIke what, you ask?  For starters, if you ever lose your voice permanently due to illness or injury… no worries. Scientists can grow vocal cords from scratch, just for you. Glasses are soon to be a thing of the past as well since Dr. Garth Webb can give anyone perfect vision in less than 10 minutes. Type 1 diabetes, a genetic defect prevents the body from producing or regulating insulin. Science has a solution for that as well – meet the artificial pancreas.

Marijuana had a breakthrough or two of its own as well. We can never forget Charlotte Figi and the revelation CBD treatment brought to the mainstream in 2013. Her amazing transformation from CBD treatment is an inspiration to discover the full potential of this plant.


In 2015, Herbal Wellness Center discovered first-hand the power behind cannabis when one of our patients, Delaina White, was suddenly and traumatically afflicted with full body muscle spasms. One week, our budtenders are talking and laughing with your normal, happy, woman. The next, Delaina is a woman experiencing full-body spasms, non-stop, unless she takes a laundry list of prescription pills. At the time of recording, doctors had as-of-then, failed to diagnose the cause. Even without a diagnosis, pill after pill was prescribed in the hopes that they would help.

Enter Cannabis… giving hope; not waiting on it. 

What happened when only CBD treatment was given to Delaina?


Thousands of Arizona medical marijuana card holders already know that cannabis is a medical wonder. When we sat down with Delaina, we discovered she was on a grocery bag (she needed one to carry all of her pills) of prescriptions. Even with the cocktail of pharmaceuticals, her muscle spasms were barely controllable but with harsh side effects. In place of those pills, she chose to use CBD oil and a THC tincture with amazing results.

Currently, Delaina is fund raising to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses not covered by her insurance. The testing necessary to diagnose her condition is pushing her medical bills into the thousands of dollars. If you’d like to help Delaina, please visit our donation page.

Cannabis builds communities through doing good for people and the world around us. As a dispensary, this is why we operate. As people, our hearts go out to Delaina and every other patient who has found their relief in cannabis – to the patients whose lives have changed 180 degrees  without pharmaceuticals. To those who have questions about the medical marijuana program’s efficacy, this is your wake up video. People are behind the cards with real-life problems finding their solution with cannabis. Pay it forward and show a friend the potential inside CBD treatment.