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No Place for Medical Marijuana on Planet Academia at Arizona State University 

Marijuana Oasis Faces Dry Run

Arizona State University has long since been considered an institution on the cutting edge of new technology, innovative education and fresh ideals.  Along came the medical marijuana industry—and we learned that this isn’t always true.

Recently, Arizona’s most popular medical marijuana brand, Herbal Wellness Center, attempted to post hiring opportunities for its new Tempe, AZ marketing department— the goal, to recruit ASU interns.  Sun Devil CareerLink online system’s response: 

“Thank you for your interest in recruiting at Arizona State University. At this time, we are unable to approve your account/postings in our Sun Devil CareerLink online system. Pending a final decision from the Office of General Counsel at ASU, we will be informing employers connected to the legal marijuana industry of this decision and what the policy will be moving forward related to recruiting activity on campus. We have added your contact information to our records and will be reaching out once we have this finalized information.”

Let us go off on a limb here and say that not eeeeeevery employer in the state is having this problem.  Maybe adult entertainment… Maybe the tobacco sector… How about a legally approved and certified medical marijuana dispensary in West Phoenix?

We all knew medical marijuana was on the chopping block for ridicule—even political scrutiny.  Now that it’s legal, nothing’s changed.

Never mind the fact that constituents and lawmakers already had this same showcase. Appearance for appearance. Facts for facts. Plea for plea—resulting in the doors opening wide for legality in Arizona.


Marijuana’s Rocky History

Marijuana, since it’s early, taboo-roots, has been found to actually have serious medical treatment value that means the difference between life and living for ailing patients everywhere. From seizures, cancer, anxiety, and the-just-as-deprivating—to a convinced voting public and lawmaking body that is now saying…

We get it. Marijuana is actually really good for us.

ASU, who is perhaps in a better position to confirm all of this—has been uncharacteristically stale, slippery, and still by showing an unfamiliar reluctance to associate itself with the latest advancement in medical therapy; making people all over the world better…one puff at a time.

Arizona universities have been hesitant to embrace a progressive stance with marijuana. This was evident in 2014 when the University of Arizona let go of Dr. Sue Sisley, a clinical assistant professor in the college of medicine, and medical marijuana research pioneer, whom until then had been with UofA for eight years in a variety of successful fronts. At the time, she was preparing a benchmark altering study on marijuana’s impact in treating chronic post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), amongst affected veterans.

A New Shade of Green

2015 is seeing the dawn of a new age in the world of marijuana. Marijuana is seeing precedent-setting legal initiatives towards a freer political climate. Commercialization was greeted with warmth and success while benefiting countless lives and allowing a newfound hope to grace the public’s consciousness. However, ASU administration’s is not quite as willing to let an industry-inspired intern ad their two-cents to advance the cause of the decade.

Many of us here at Herbal Wellness Center have attended ASU. The Maroon and gold with that charismatic handsome devil still running amuck on ESPN etched in our minds and hearts. Our favorite mental getaway tucked in our memory permanently.  But, even we have to admit, scratching our heads at a hesitant ASU – all-too-shy to show up and shake the ground at advancement—is literally a first.

ASU: We look forward to your response.