AZ Medical Marijuana: Painting the Desert Green

Herbal WeCBD Treatmentllness Center began as most great endeavors do…with a vision of an oasis in the desert known for quality medicine and a patient-first attitude. We believe in challenging the status quo through innovation and by setting the standard through example. From seed to sale, quality is our passion; education, our forte.

“Attitude is a litter thing that makes a big difference.”
-Winston Churchill

Quality is a Choice

We are the destination for connoisseurs; for kine buds, the purest concentrates, and a warm conversation during every check-out. Our flower and concentrate product lines are grown and extracted inside a 25,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art cultivation center. At its helms, our master grower and his team create experiences like Donna OG (pictured above) and Phoenix OG. These flowers, and others, go through extraction by The Healing Alchemist into the smoothest and hardest hitting concentrates found in Arizona. Masters in their craft, they allow our team to assist patients choosing the best solutions for their individual needs.

Medical marijuana is more than just a conversation topic. It’s about a
group of people coming together for a shared cause contributing to a bigger
movement inside our nation. At its heart, this movement echoes the
fundamental message from decades ago. It’s our right to have freedom,
independence, and personal choice. It’s our right to choose a road less traveled, to choose alternative care when pharmaceuticals are insufficient,
and for autonomy during the process.

“Primum non nocere” First, do no harm.

Neuro TreatmentWe believe in safe, effective, alternative medical care backed by peer-reviewed research. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, practicing neurosurgeon and CNN’s medical correspondent, has explored a few of the groundbreaking success stories resulting from medical marijuana treatment. In his documentary, he interviews the parents of Charlotte Figi, a patient from Colorado experiencing up to 300 grand mal seizures a week. Charlotte was diagnosed with a severe and rare form of epilepsy, Dravet’s Syndrome. This disease has an onset before age one. By age two, recurrent seizures have slowed cognitive and physical development. In addition, medications introduce toxicities and side-effects into the young, developing mind such that normal development is severely impaired.

A Solution Appears…

After exhausting all other options and medical recommendations, the Figis explored high-CBD marijuana. With CBD treatment, Charlotte Figi now experiences 2-3 seizures a month! The fede
ral government schedules marijuana as a Class 1 substance yet when stories like Charlotte’s shine bright as a star on an isolated night the message can be only be ignored for so long. Medical marijuana is a natural and effective solution that patients can trust will deliver effective treatment with measurable results.

Patients Serving Patients

Through their own personal research our team found their passion for medical marijuana by being patients first. We believe in the idea of medical marijuana. Medication shouldn’t come with a warning label and a list of possible consequences. We believe in treating the root of the problem, not simply the surface.

Each morning, our company rises with the sun and experiences the relief that a flower can provide. Stories such as Charlotte’s mirror our own. Collectively, we are patients and caregivers experiencing a new piece of life we thought already defined by prescriptions and refill dates. We are free to choose our medication and how it meshes with our day to day; we choose relief, not side effects. A relief that is written in the moments we share with our families and loved ones. We are parents, able to spend quality time with our children; veterans, recovered from service injuries; a team built on understanding and altruism.

Veterans Serving Veterans

We are proud to employ several veterans inside our organization. Our nation’s finest live and breathe selfless service even after leaving their respective branches. Their drive, values, and shared experiences have helped to make our dispensary the destination for vets. As we say, “We take care of our own.” As a thank you to our service members we extend a discount on all purchases.Phoenix Arizona

Science Serving the Community

Science is our guide, while Medical is our grade. Our mission is to provide an excellent patient experience by exemplifying, through action, our belief and dedication to altruism. Our confidence delivering this experience stems from anatomy, physiology, peer-reviewed research, and unbiased truth-seeking studies.

Our bodies are naturally attuned to marijuana through the Endocannabinoid System. To briefly summarize, our bodies have CB1 and CB2 receptors that are found throughout the nervous and immune system. THC and CBD interact with these receptors to elicit a variety of therapeutic benefits such as: decreased inflammation, PTSD symptom relief, cancer treatment, sedation, appetite induction, analgesia (pain relief), decreased stress levels, as well as antibacterial and antifungal properties. Cannabis is introducing a new way of looking at our medical care; a multi-problem, single solution approach.

An Oasis Realized

We are a group of individuals that believe in the relief that cannabis can provide. We see the positive benefits reflected in the faces of our patients and our personal lives every day. Healing begins with a smile, a warm conversation, and connecting with our patients one visit at a time. This connection, coupled with extensive product knowledge, allows us to provide individualized recommendations to best fit our patient’s needs.

Alternative medical care is found at Herbal Wellness Center. We are great medicine grown from decades of experience. We are excellent customer service, professionals, and patients. We are the friendly face offering solutions to our patient’s needs. We are a medical marijuana dispensary. We are Herbal Wellness Center.