Big Pharma is Afraid of a Little Weed

The Center for Addictions Research, UK shared some eye-opening statistics supporting therapeutic marijuana use. Listen to this short audio clip then we’ll dig into some stats after the jump.


Whoa! Did you catch those stats?

We’re finding out that one of the major crimes of this century is that we were lied to so significantly about this plant

No wonder pharmaceutical companies are afraid of medical marijuana. In 2015, big pharma initiated cost-cutting measures to adjust for the overall 2.4% pharmaceutical total revenue decrease. As a whole, the industry stagnated in 2015, reverting to 2013 revenue numbers. Include inflation year after year and those losses are even greater.

Political Groups Are Trying to Prevent Cannabis Legalization

Have you noticed more politicians initiating measures against marijuana?

Marijuana stirs the conversation no matter what industry pot it’s in. These are the major contributors to marijuana’s prohibition (in dollars spent towards lobbying efforts):

Big Industry loves to use money to influence public policy and voter beliefs. Through propaganda, politics, and talking heads, they spread rhetoric and buzzwords designed to influence how you think and act. This is nothing new. We’re used to to hypocrisy and political lobbying (ie. The Failed War on Drugs).

These tactics being used by lobbyists and other organizations can’t stand against the sound of good science and the voices of many spreading the truth. What happens when the many unify their voices into one? Change.

Let corporations hear your voice through your representatives. No amount of money can stand against the voice of the many.

Contact your representatives today! Tell them that you support medical marijuana and the lives it changes for the better each and every day. That you believe in heart-warming cannabis stories like Charlotte Figi, Delaina White, and Kalel Santiago

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