Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Snake Eyes is one of our most potent award winning Private Reserve Indicas. This cross between Donna Og and Bubba Skywalker immediately hits you hard in the cranium, while allowing for a blissful sense of euphoria. Your eyes are heavy, body’s relaxed, and you’re feeling veeery sleepy.

Our Donna OG (Mary OG x Mary OG x Larry OG) lends to Snake Eyes its powerful punch aiding in the knockout, leaving users spaced out and staring towards the ceiling. A force in and of itself, Donna OG is a straight powerhouse and only becomes stronger in the presence of the Yin to it’s Yang… Bubba Skywalker.

Bubba Skywalker (Pre-98 Bubba Kush x Skywalker OG) is the light side to the force that is Snake Eyes. This daytime Indica is perfect for the PTSD sufferer and those seeking a clearer state of mind. Leaving the user feeling well centered and golden, Bubba Skywalker puts you at ease.

Light and dark brought together, Snake Eyes provides the smoker a real experience. Piney flavors and aromas abound, this strain is designed for the true connoisseur and guaranteed to stand in the ring with even the highest of tolerances. You’ve got the perfect med for insomnia, body pain, and stress in your hand. Sink into a seat (or mattress), clutch tight, and enjoy a galaxy far far away.